Take Three Tuesday: Dessert Martinis in Racine/Kenosha

December 30, 2014.   Last week, we asked our members to share their thoughts on the best local DESSERT MARTINI. After conducting our own taste test, we compiled results for our top three.

#3 Milky Way Martini from Wine Knot Bar & Bistro 5611 6th Avenue Kenosha

milky way martini wine knot

At $7/drink, this was the least expensive dessert martini we tried. Made with double chocolate flavored vodka, Madagascar vanilla vodka, butterscotch schnapps and cream, this drink’s flavor was really good – sweet and chocolate-y. It was smooth and didn’t have an overpowering alcohol taste. I felt like I was actually drinking a yummy dessert. However, the presentation left much to be desired – the drink was served in what looked to be a margarita glass, and there was a total lack of any garnish or “flair” to make this martini special. I know what you’re thinking – “this is a wine bar, not a martini bar” and that is true, however if you’re going to have a martini menu, I’d think said drink would be served in a martini glass.

Overall, I’d go back for this drink hoping that, next time, it’ll be served a little fancier.

#2  Caramel Joe from Henry and Wanda’s 501 6th Street Racine

Henry Wandas Martini

I really like iced caramel macchiatos from Starbucks. The Caramel Joe ($9/drink) tastes very similar to that but better because, well, alcohol! Made with espresso vodka, vanilla vodka, butterscotch schnapps and cream, this martini was an excellent blend of caramel and coffee flavors. And I appreciated that we could clearly make out both of those tastes (some of coffee-flavored martinis we tried were lacking any actual coffee flavor). This martini was very easy to drink – smooth, no overpowering alcohol flavor – and I liked the use of caramel syrup to decorate the interior of the glass. I will definitely be back to Henry & Wanda’s for this drink.

Our number one pick for DESSERT MARTINI… Snickertini ($10/drink) AND Peanut Butter Cup ($9/drink) from Sazzy B 5623 6th Avenue Kenosha

Yes, we picked 2 martinis for our top spot – that’s how delicious they were. The Snickertini was made with caramel vodka, chocolate liqueur, hazelnut liqueur and half and half. The interior of the glass was swirled with caramel and chocolate syrups. The Snickertini was dessert in a glass – so creamy and smooth and chocolate-y. Chocolate and hazelnut together is one of my favorite combos, and this drink far exceeded any of my expectations.

sazzy b martini

The Peanut Butter Cup martini was made with vanilla vodka, chocolate liqueur, peanut butter syrup and half and half. The interior of the glass was swirled with chocolate syrup. I have to admit that, initially, I wasn’t sure if I’d like this drink. But I was so wrong to ever doubt Sazzy B’s yummy martini concoctions. The combination of the vanilla, peanut butter and chocolate were spot on, and the drink was so creamy and good. I also love that the waitress poured the martinis at the table, straight from the shakers, instead of bringing over the glasses already filled.

Sazzy B Snickertini

I would’ve gladly ordered another round of either of these martinis if we’d have had the time. I will definitely be back to Sazzy B for these drinks. They’re worth the trip.

One thought on “Take Three Tuesday: Dessert Martinis in Racine/Kenosha

  1. The best Martini’s in Kenosha, by far, are at Charcoal Grill (75th Street). They are $4 on Fridays and have a massive selection/variety. It’s a best kept secret to many.


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