REVIEW WEDNESDAY: Panda Chinese Restaurant, 8020 Durand Ave, Sturtevant.

2015-01-08 13.00.03

I couldn’t resist checking out this newer Chinese restaurant after seeing a coupon listing several Thai offerings.

I noticed nine tables for diners and that it appeared to be somewhat remodeled from the previous tenants. I was struck by the cleanliness of the place as well as the bathroom. If a place does not have a clean bathroom its a huge red flag for me. This place was spotless. The dining area suffered from florescent lighting which made it feel like the focus was on take-out. If they want a dine-in crowd, the mood could really change with new lighting. Also, Panda offered Time Warner Cable free wifi. This is a trend in offering wifi for TWC customers and if you want to use it you must have an account set up.

2015-01-08 13.01.23
I ordered Pad Thai Shrimp ($9.99) and Thai soup ($6.95). Not five minutes later my food was at the table.

2015-01-08 13.10.05

As far as the Pad Thai Shrimp, the noodles and flavor were good and the six shrimp were large-sized and perfectly cooked. The veggies were crisp but not too crisp.


The dish was served with lemon wedges rather than limes. I want limes with my pad thai. Also there was no hot sauce/chili garlic sauce on the table. I asked for hot sauce and they brought me some srirarcha packets. I think it would be simple to put some sauces on the table.

The broth in the soup was simply under seasoned. I think it was basically coconut milk and broth. The chicken was nice and not overcooked, but without a broth or any additional seasonings/herbs served with it on the side, I can’t recommend it.

2015-01-08 13.17.15

If you go to their website they have an option to order online and THEY DELIVER. I haven’t tried it, but if it works this is so convenient. You know you are putting in the correct order and you don’t feel rushed on the phone. Worth a shot.

I would like to try a few of the other dishes and would be interested to see how others liked it.

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