TAKE THREE TUESDAY – The Best Margarita in Racine/Kenosha is…

Last week, when we decided to do a margarita review, I was excited – I LOVE MARGARITAS!  Judging a margarita, however, turns out to be really, really difficult.

For this review, we ordered regular (lime) margaritas, on the rocks, salt on the rim (just how I like them) from all three places we visited.    We went to three locations suggested by our Facebook page members:  La Fogata, Casablanca,  and Jose’s Blue Sombrero.  (For those of you that suggested Milwaukee-area places, we are going to do a separate review of those)   This was a very close race. All of the margaritas we tasted were very drinkable, with slight differences.   I think our winner had a natural lime taste, and it was the least margarita-mix-tasting of the bunch.   In order of preference, here we go…

#3 – La Fogata,  (3300 Sheridan Rd Kenosha)  $4.50 –


2015-01-24 16.29.22

This was a decent, standard margarita. Sweet and tart without overdoing it. Not syrup-y or thick. The menu boasts a “homemade mix” which I appreciate. All in all, a very tasty drink, but maybe a wee bit on the sour side. Side note – I’m also a fan of the glasses the margaritas were served in, very authentic.

La Fogata smal margarita
#2 – Casablanca de Mexico, 230 Main St, Racine, $5.50 –


The main difference between our drink at Casablanca and our drink at La Fogata was Casablanca’s was slightly fizzy – not anywhere near as bubbly as a soda, just a slight tingle. I’m not sure if it was an added splash of seltzer water or a lemon-lime soda, but I liked it. It was a nice, refreshing surprise. The bartender also informed us that they also made their margarita mix in-house; always a plus.  I also liked how the bartender mixed the margarita: he put it in the blender giving it one quick pulse to blend everything together, leaving moderate chunks of ice.  Cute glasses too.

Casablanca small margarita

And the Winner is…..
#1 – Jose’s Blue Sombrero, 6430 Washington Ave, Mt. Pleasant, $6 –


jose blue sombrero margarita

Ah yes… this was an absolutely wonderful margarita – everything I wish I could do when I’m attempting to make these at home, only to end up failing miserably. The sweet/tart balance was spot-on. The drink was almost clear, not an artificial, yellowish color that’s usually a telltale sign of artificial flavorings and artificial syrup-like sweetness.   Smooth and very easy to drink. It was a perfect accompaniment to the homemade guacamole we devoured.  (More on that later)

The recipe for a margarita is pretty standard – tequila, orange-flavored liqueur (Triple Sec, Cointreau) and lime juice – variations of that recipe can seem endless. Jose’s Blue Sombrero nailed it and is our favorite.

And, if you are for some reason not a margarita fan, Jose’s Tornado is probably the best blended drink I have had.  It’s a mix of margarita and sangria: pretty much perfect. If you like Fat Tuesday-style blended drinks, order this immediately

2015-01-24 19.19.03

3 thoughts on “TAKE THREE TUESDAY – The Best Margarita in Racine/Kenosha is…

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