Kenosha place makes soup just like Grandma

I went to the Soup Depot after getting a couple recommendations on Facebook.   Soup Depot is located in a strip mall on the north side of Kenosha, 2731 18th Street.  It has probably about 12 tables for dining and waitresses, otherwise you can order at the counter for take-out.   Free wifi and it’s open until 8pm.

2015-01-12 13.28.09 HDR

Soup Depot has a daily schedule of soups that does not change, with the exception of a couple specials.  Don’t go to Soup Depot expecting a Mulligatawny, Thai Coconut Chicken or even a White Chicken Chili.  The soups they make are from Grandma’s recipe binder.


The first time I went with two soups: Cream of Cauliflower and Navy Bean and Ham.   The Cream of Cauliflower was pureed and could have used some salt or other seasoning.

The Navy Bean and Ham was pretty solid.   Big chunks of ham and carrots with a needed tang.

2015-01-12 13.30.20

My second visit I decided to go with one of the specials: Hot Roast Beef and Mashed Potatoes.  It came your choice of a cup of soup and a dessert for $8.95.  That, my friends, is a bargain and a half.    By the way, I want to recognize the waitress, who waited on me both times, I wish I got her name.  What a pleasant, professional, and efficient waitress.  In addition the counter people were always friendly and inquiring about my experience.  Whomever does customer service training at Soup Depot, bravo.

Ok, soup choice for second visit: Cream of Mushroom.   Solid version with large mushrooms.   I am always looking for a little something extra in a soup and I didn’t find it (for instance blue cheese)    However, there is something to be said for  simply making soups as they tasted thirty years ago.  It may be a little boring but comforting.

2015-02-03 12.44.38

Now for my entree, which I loved.  The beef was kind of like lunch meat thin-sliced hot beef (with some flavor) on white bread.  What I really liked was the homemade mashed potatoes.  The un-mashed potato chunk I ate was Exhibit A to prove that these were the real deal, along with the overall good taste.   It is such a supreme disappoint when I am served instant mashed potatoes at restaurants.  Its really not hard to make mashed potatoes and with a few ingredients you can really make a sublime version.   I would go to a restaurant that simply served different versions of mashed potatoes.

Oh and the gravy was fine, the perfect consistency.

2015-02-03 12.49.40

The dessert was sort of a jello cheesecake square, better than expected and was a nice end.

2015-02-03 13.07.10

To summarize:   Classic soups, large menu, reasonably-priced and good service.  I would love to see one interesting soup a day added to the menu.  However, if you are feeling under the weather and you need a chicken soup fix, this is your place.

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