Nine Must-Visit Food Stores in SE Wisconsin

We welcome Staci Joers as a contributor to our group and the author of this list.  Staci is a Caledonia resident, has a degree in culinary arts and has taught cooking demonstration classes all over SE Wisconsin since 1992.    The classes I attended were demonstration-style with a generous tasting of all the recipes, along with recipe handouts.   The price is extremely reasonable; most of the classes are between $20-25 for 2.5 hours which essentially includes a full meal.   The best part of the class is Staci’s personality: she is funny, light-hearted, and does a great job moving the class along, never a dull moment.  You can also see her on-demand on Time Warner Cable Channel 411.

One of her upcoming classes in Caledonia on April 16th is “Ethnic Sandwiches with Gourmet Flair!”  where she will make a Vietnamese Pork Banh Mi Sandwich as pictured below, as well as a few other ethnic sandwiches.  Sign up for one of her classes, you won’t regret it.

Pork Banh Mi

Staci Joer’s Nine Must-Visit Food Stores in SE Wisconsin

1.  Pacific Produce, 5455 South 27th Street, Oak Creek. (no website) “They carry a wide variety of Asian foods from different cultures such as China, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines, just to name a few.  I also really like the little Vietnamese restaurant that is attached, Pho Viet.  Two of us can pop in for lunch and have a couple of Banh Mi and share a bowl of Pho for less than $15.”

2014-04-28 10.45.112014-04-28 10.47.03

2. LaneXang, 3508 W Burnham St., Milwaukee, WI  53215.  (no website) “Another great Asian shop that carries a lot of Thai products.”

3.  El Rey, 1320 West Burham St, Milwaukee, WI 53204.  “A great store for Latin products and a good selection of produce, meats and great tamales.


4.  Tenuta’s Deli, 3203 52nd St, Kenosha.   “A must-visit for a great Italian deli.  The selection of deli foods, pastas, oils. vinegars, wines etc. etc. etc. is fabulous.  When you step in you feel like you’ve been transported back in time. I get carried away when I visit and usually end up having my bags and boxes carried out to my bar by the friendly staff.   Glorioso’s Italian Market at 1011 East Brady St. in Milwaukee runs a close second for great Italian delis.  Gloriosos also always has a great variety of wine and cooking classes.”

tenuta's signgloriosos

5.  Indian Bazaar at 5254 S. 27th Street, Milwaukee.  “A nice little Indian/Pakistani grocery store with a little restaurant.  Good section of groceries and you can grab a quick lunch too.”


6.  Danny’s Meats, 1317 4 Mile Road, Racine.  “My favorite butcher and Danny, himself, is a great guy who does TONS for the local community. (see   The quality of the meats is unparalleled; pricing is very competitive with the larger grocery stores and he runs great email and texting specials.   A very close second is Brossman’s Meats at 6900 State Road 31 Racine.   It’s been there forever and they still have the best bratwurst in the area.  Their beef jerky is awesome too.”

danny's meatsbrossmans meats

7.  The Oilerie, 17125 West Bluemound Road, Brookfield.  “I love to use a variety of oils and vinegars when I cook and buying a better quality always makes for a better end result.  The owner of the Brookfield Oilerie, Jackie, and the manager, Lori, are just the best!  You can sample the olive oils and balsamic vinegars they offer and the staff will guide you to mixing and matching and using the oils/vinegars in recipes.”


8.  The Spice House, 1031 North Old World Third Street, Milwaukee.   “A classic Milwaukee institution that is known all over the country.  Stepping into the store is like stepping back in time to the way things used to be.  You are bombarded with smells and greeted by friendly staff that will scoop and weigh your spices right before your eyes.  The quality and pricing cannot be beat.  Spices are ground fresh in-house and they have many of their own house blends.   Again, the better the quality of the ingredient, the better the end result.  This store is definitely worth the trip — once you experience it you’ll never buy a spice at the grocery store again.”

spice house

9.  The Milwaukee Public Market, 400 N Water St, Milwaukee.   “Everyone should visit Milwaukee’s only public market.  Tons of purveyors selling a variety of foods, groceries, candies, wines etc.  Not as large as some of the public markets I’ve been to around the country but it has a definite fun vibe, is always bustling and they offer a great variety of food and wine classes (watch for me there about once per month).”

milwaukee public market

2 thoughts on “Nine Must-Visit Food Stores in SE Wisconsin

  1. This list should also have a consideration for Frank’s European Homemade Sausage at 1985 S Muskego Ave in Milwaukee. An “old world” way of doing everything right…. quality unsurpassed!


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