Hate the Taste of Beer? Try these Five Brews

Wisfoodtalk thanks our guest contributor/author, Heather Rayne.    Heather is a wife, mother and lifelong Racine resident. She loves to write, watch TV, travel and eat (yes, eating can most certainly be a hobby – don’t judge). She is also a bit of a political nerd. You can occasionally find her on a boat floating in a lake somewhere during the summer months. And in the winter, she attempts hibernation. Mostly, she just loves her family – including her cats – and spending time relaxing and enjoying all the flavors of life.


I am not much of a beer guzzler. Not in the slightest, actually. I just never really developed a taste for it. And to be honest, I’m not a big drinker in general.   I even add ice and soda to my Moscato (yes, I am a cheap date – if you don’t count the lobster). So, for a long while, my little wine spritzer was quite adequate for me. Recently, however, I have discovered that my body has decided to rebel against wine. I feel so betrayed, body. And after all I have done for you! I am content going without alcohol 96ish% of the time. But once in a while, it’s nice to have a drink in a social setting or at dinner with my husband. This recent conundrum sent me on a bit of a journey to find something that is tasty, doesn’t have a lot of alcohol and isn’t crazy high in calories (I prefer to save my calories for food – all of the food). Below is a list of beers that this non-beer drinker has found to be quite yummy and hits the marks nicely. I hope you enjoy. Cheers, Heather.

Five Beers even a Beer Hater can Enjoy

1.    Sprecher Hard Ginger, Sprecher Brewing Co., Milwaukee, Wis, 4.7% ABV Sprecher hard ginger

This one is my newest find and, so far, my favorite. I love that sweet and spicy bite of ginger. And it really doesn’t taste like beer at all. Ginger is super good for you and it works as an anti-inflammatory – so I like to pretend I am doing something healthy when I have one. (Oh, let me have my delusions.)

2.   Stiegl Radler Grapefruit, Stieglbrauerei zu Salzburg, Austria 2.5% ABV stiegl-radler-grapefruit-sortiment-bier-flasche

Stiegl also makes a Lemon Radler which is also delightful. But I prefer the grapefruit as I have always been a Squirt fan. And basically this is half beer and half soda – so it is very much like drinking a Squirt with a little kick. It is mega low in alcohol so I can feel safe having a few without feeling cruddy later. This is very refreshing on a summer day. And summer IS almost here, right? RIGHT???  (Editors Note:  You can order this with the delicious food at Comet Cafe, Milwaukee)

3Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus, Anheuser-Busch, Missouri , 4.0% ABV,  95 Calories, 5.5g Carbs michelob-ultra-lime-cactus-light-beer

I am not really sure what cactus tastes like, but mixed with lime, I’m guessing pretty dang good. This beer is super light and smooth with no funky aftertaste. I have yet to try it with tacos, but I bet it would make a great pairing. Darnit. Now I want tacos.

4.   Michelob Ultra Light Cider, Anheuser-Busch, Missouri, 4.0% ABV, 120 Cal Michelob-ULTRA-Light-Cider-12-oz.-Bottle-e1336494350806

While the heaviest in the group, this is still lighter than most Cider Beers/Ales. After a single serving of Redd’s or Angry Orchard, I am ready for a good burp and a nap. This option is crisp, fruity and doesn’t leave you quite as bloated.

5.   Amstel Radler, Heineken, Netherlands, 2% ABV, 60 Calories Radler Ad 05_Amstel

I definitely like my radlers. This one is mixed with lemonade instead of soda and definitely hits the spot if you like sweet and tangy. It makes me think of a backyard cookout on a warm afternoon. Ahhhh.

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