Checking Out the Local Butcher’s Meat

Grilling season is finally here (thank goodness). My husband has been anxious to get some meat on the coals so, last weekend, we drove around to some butcher shops to check out their selection… and to do a little taste-testing as well.  So with sausages on our minds, we headed out.

First stop, Danny’s Meats, 1317 4 Mile Road, Racine. 


Their fresh sausage offerings were home-made brats and fresh-made italians…

 but their hamburger patties looked incredible!

 The hubby had sausage-fever, so we purchased both the brat and the italian, but we’ll be going back soon to feast on those burgers.

Next stop, Brossman’s Meats, 6900 Hwy 31, Racine.

 Brossman’s had fresHly made brats, italians, hungarian sausage and polish sausage…

but their frozen sausage selection was INSANE!


Ultimately, we decided to try something a little different, and decided on the Bacon Cheeseburger Style Brats.

 Down the road we headed to the next stop, H&H Meats, 3710 Meachem Rd, Racine.

They had freshly made italians, along with cheddar jalapeño brats.

 Although they didnt seem to have as large of a selection as the previous butchers we visited, H&H makes ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL portabella mushrooms stuffed with crab.  Unfortunately, at the time of our visit, they were sold out. However, my son very quickly decided on the cheddar jalapeño brats, and we headed on to the next stop.

Last stop, Tenuta’s Deli, 3202 52nd Avenue, Kenosha.

I love Tenuta’s… the smell as you walk into that deli makes me so happy.  However, the only fresh sausage available that day was hot italian sausage.

Since we already had the cheddar jalapeño brats, we passed on purchasing any sausage here… but what I could never pass up on was their tiramisu.  *sigh* Their dessert case is my idea of heaven.

  Final verdict – my son’s favorite sausage was the cheddar jalapeño brat from H&H, hubby’s favorite was the bacon cheeseburger style brat from Brossman’s, and my favorite was the regular brat from Danny’s. How lucky are we to have so many great butchers in the area? Answer – VERY!

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