Eleven old school candies that are suprisingly still manufactured

Eariler this week, we went to the Sweets and Snacks Expo at McCormick Place in Chicago.  Over 600 manufacturers of candy, chips, jerky, snack bars, pickles, and other snacks set up booths to demonstrate and promote their products with hopes of making sales to the buyers of candy and snacks.   Some of these candies are classics that have been manufactured for decades. Have fun reliving your childhood.   Sweets and Snacks show

1.  Clark bars – First manufactured for soldiers in WWI in 1917, the bar and the new Clark Bites are now made by Necco Inc Clark bar

2.  Chuckles –  Now made by Ferrara Candy Company, the candy jellies were first introduced in 1921.  Chuckles are still made in the original flavors of cherry, lemon, lime, orange and licorice.   http://www.ferrarausa.com/brands/chuckles/  Who wants my licorice?


3.  Violet mints – Still made by its original manufacturer, C. Howard Company, Violet mints were first made in the early 1930’s.  http://www.chowardcompany.com/companyprofile.htm

violet gum

4.  Lemonhead Candy – These sour round lemon candies were introduced in 1962. Lemonheads are made by the Ferrara Candy Company.


5.  Mallo Cups – Manufactured by Boyer Candy Company since the 1930’s, these chocolate candy with a liquid-like whipped cream center are now available in Piggly Wiggly in Racine.   http://www.boyercandies.com/mallo-history.aspx Mallo Cup

6.   Mary Jane Candies  – I remember a few of these at the bottom of my plastic pumpkin after Halloween every year.  This peanut butter/molasses chew candy is currently made by the Ferrara Candy Company.   It was originally introduced in 1914.  http://www.necco.com/Candy/Mary-Jane/History.aspx Mary Jane Candy

7.   Cow Tales – This elongated caramel cream candy, first manufactured by Goetze Candy Co. in 1984.

Cow Tales

8.  Slap Stix – Now made by Necco Candy Company this caramel sucker was originally manufactured by Stark Candy Company in Pewaukee, Wisconsin with the name of Snirkle in 1920.  http://www.necco.com/Candy/Slap-Stix/History.aspx

Slap Stix

9.  Sky bar – Another candy bar manufactured by Necco, this was first introduced in 1938 with a dramatic skywriting campaign.  It is the only candy bar with four different flavors.  http://www.necco.com/Candy/Sky-Bar/History.aspxSky bar

10.   Coconut Bar – these tri-flavored coconut bars  made by Friesinger’s Candies are over 100 years old.  The original bar contains three layers of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. Coconut Bar

11.   Candy Buttons – Its not clear when these were first manufactured by the Cumberland Valley Company but they were purchased by the Necco in 1980 and have been available ever since.   http://www.necco.com/Candy/Candy-Buttons/History.aspx

Candy Buttons

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