Go Nuts for These Donuts!

I have never met a person that doesn’t love doughnuts, and if I do, I probably won’t want to hang with them.  (Gwyneth Paltrow, this means you)   We love doughnuts and we wanted to find the BEST cake doughnut in SE Wisconsin.

In order to have a fair comparison, we decided to review only cake doughnuts (or donuts, for discussion of the two spellings, click here) at each of the locations – specifically chocolate-frosted cake doughnuts.  A good cake doughnut is a beautiful thing, but the long johns, crullers, fritters, sweet rolls (and the other rolls) often steal their thunder.  At all three places, the cake dough tasted similar.   Whether the doughnut tasted fresh was key, as well as the chocolate topping quality.

Coming in at number three, Paielli’s Bakery, 6020 39th Avenue, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Paielli's exterior sign

Paielli’s has been owned and operated since 1923 (http://www.paiellisbakery.com/about_us.htm) and several people were in and out at around 8:30 on a Sunday morning.  Only one chocolate cake doughnut was left on the tray that morning, so we grabbed it along with some rolls, including the yeast chocolate doughnut with whipped cream filling in the middle.  (pictured left hand corner)

Paielli's interior

Paielli’s chocolate doughnut was the most reasonably priced out of the three doughnuts. It also probably was the smallest of the three.   The doughnut was not as soft as our winners’ doughnut and didn’t have that exterior crisp that can be a game-changer.   Although not being reviewed, the yeast doughnuts were out of this world; I couldn’t resist picking up a few.   Recommendation: go to Paeilli’s, but stick with the yeast doughnuts which were wonderful.

Paielli's chocolate Doughnut

Coming in at No. 2 – Mike’s Donuts and Chicken, 707 56th Street, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Mike’s Donuts and Chicken is the new kid on the block opening in 2015.   Its also the only place we visited this week that was also a restaurant and a night club.   Because of this, donuts can be purchased from 7am until 2am.

Mike's exterior 2

Mike's interior

This is not your grandma’s doughnut shop, and the inventive flavors of doughnuts were proof of this.

Mike's donut selection

Our mission was cake doughnuts, but we couldn’t resist the maple, bacon-topped long john.   Bacon-love is a tiresome trend with the proliferation of bacon-worship t-shirts and bacon used in odd and unpleasant ways by many restaurants. I was very skeptical, but this was a GOOD use of bacon and this salty-sweet combo roll is a must-purchase item at Mike’s Donuts and Chicken.

Mike's maple bacon and plain

Ok, ok, on to the cake doughnuts.   We went to Mike’s twice, one time at about 5pm, and the other time at 8am.   The 8am doughnut was remarkably better than the 5pm doughnut.   Mike’s has a quality that was not present at the other places; the exterior crisp.   When you are eating a Mike’s cake doughnut, you can actually hear the crispy exterior as you chew, and it is delicious.   The 5pm doughnut (they only had one plain cake doughnut available) had the crisp, but the interior cake was a little dry.   (The non-cake doughnuts like the bacon long johns were still delicious at 5pm, so if you are going later in the day, just stick with the yeast doughnuts.)   No complaints with the 8am chocolate doughnut though – had the crisp, had a fresh taste, and the chocolate topping was good.

Mike's chocolate donut

And our winner for the all-around best chocolate cake doughnut is…

O&H Danish Bakery, soon to have its main location at 5910 Washington Avenue, Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin.   (According to this article it will be open mid to late July  http://www.bizjournals.com/milwaukee/morning_roundup/2015/06/racine-kringles-maker-moves-to-new-5-million.html)  O&H was founded in 1949 and has been expanding by leaps and bounds in the past few years.

O&H Exterior

I picked up six doughnuts from O&H Bakery at about 9am on a Friday.    I can never resist a free sample of the kringle of the month, Rhubarb (YUM!).

)&H interior 2

This was the softest, most pillow-like doughnut that you can imagine.  The chocolate glaze was thick, but not too thick, and perfect.   There is not a sane person that would ever refer to these doughnuts as dry.   That being said, they did lack the exterior crisp  of Mike’s Donuts.   All in all, this was a wonderful chocolate cake doughnut.

)&H Chocolate and white

You really can’t go wrong with any of these places. And we’re very happy about that!

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