Kenosha edges out Milwaukee for the best Meatball “Bomber”

We received a smattering of suggestions for our meatball “sub” Take Three challenge. We chose two places in Kenosha and one in Milwaukee.  Not one of those places referred to this meatball, cheese and bread treat as a “sub”.   In Milwaukee it was a sandwich and in Kenosha, it’s a bomber.   We got one good sandwich and two great sandwiches (or bombers).    By the way, the meatballs were perfect at all three places; it came down to the bread and the sauce.

Coming in at No. 3:   Frankie D’s Vino & Pizzeria, 6316 52nd Street, Kenosha, WI

Frankie D's exterior

This attractive strip-mall bar restaurant hasn’t been around as long as the other two places we visited and had the makings of a great happy hour stop.  There are a few tables and a bar with a menu that focuses on Italian food.

Frankie D's menu

The meatball “bomber” is reasonably priced at $5.95, with an extra $2.00 for the mojo potatoes.   According to Thrillist, if you call a sandwich as “bomber” you are supposed to be from Buffalo, New York.  Kenosha people: do you use the word “bomber: for all subs? Now I am curious.

Meatball bomber Frankie D's

We had no problem whatsoever with the meatballs; perfectly flavored, and a nice even consistency.  Make no mistake, this was a good sandwich, the bread was fresh and nicely toasted and the cheese was an appropriate amount.  The issues were that the bread to meatball ratio was a little too tilted toward the bread side.   Also, the sauce, while fresh tasting, didn’t have that umami, meaty taste.

Coming in at No. 2:  Glorioso’s Italian Market, 1011 E. Brady Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Glorioso's exterior   Glorioso interior

LOVE this place.   Its a store, deli, bakery, and restaurant in a beautiful location on the East Side of Milwaukee.  (Can you put one on the South Side, pretty please?)  The deli in the back has a full Italian menu that goes beyond typical deli items and there is seating inside as well as outside.

Glorioso menu

As you may notice, the meatball sandwich is the DEAL OF THE CENTURY.   A two-meatball sandwich with cheese is $3.95 and a four meatball sandwich is $6.75.   You save money by eating out with these prices!

On to the sandwich.  The meatballs were wonderful, the sauce was great, the bread, although untoasted, had a great sesame seed flavor that complimented the meatballs.

Glorioso meatball sandwich

Despite this unctuous sandwich, my mind kept wandering…   I couldn’t stop thinking about that sandwich from a few nights ago in Kenosha…..

Coming in at No 1 – Luigi’s Pizza, 7531 39th Ave, Kenosha, Wisconsin. (No website, here is the Google page

Luigi's Sign

We were first timers to Luigi’s and we get it.   Nothing fancy here.  No remodeled, shiny restaurant.  But if you want a meatball sandwich, excuse me, bomber, to dream about days later, here ya go.

,Luigi's menu cover r

The menu says that Luigi’s has been operated by the same family since 1963 and that everything is made from scratch everyday.  You could taste that in the meatballs and sauce.

Luigis Meatball bomber prices

The bomber wasn’t cheap at $8.50 with cheese, but it could easily feed two people, so the value was there.

Luigi's Meatball Bomber

Those meatballs, that sauce, the toasted bread.   It was perfection.  I really think the umami-meaty flavor meatless sauce took this to the top.  We found the perfect meatball sandwich bomber.  Thanks, our job here is done.

11 thoughts on “Kenosha edges out Milwaukee for the best Meatball “Bomber”

  1. I was born in Kenosha and have lived here almost my entire life.
    It’s a meatball bomber or a sausage bomber which is the same thing with a slow cooked Italian sausage instead of the meatballs. An Italian beef sandwich can also be a bomber but, sometimes it’s just an “Italian Beef.” Everything else is just a sandwich but a sandwich can sometimes be a sub. The bomber is essentially decided by the bun which is almost always from Paielli’s Bakery.

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    • From Kenosha too. And i know that means I grew up on the best Italian food with all our family restaurants. Moved to Milwaukee for school and been here ever since! You have to add a south side pick? Choose southside (Bayview’s) best meatball BOMBER at our Scottie’s bar/restaurant!!

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  2. What’s great about Kenosha dining ? The choices ! So many to choose from. And everyone has a favorite from somewhere.
    Box retailers have tried and failed to compete with the locals when it comes to Italian food. From Deli’s and pizza joints to full fledged restaurants, you don’t have to go to Italy to enjoy the food.


  3. It is always a meatball bomber. Or sausage or beef bomber. When you leave Kenosha, no one knows what you’re talking about.

    Other subs are just subs. Italian sub, turkey sub, veggie sub.

    I don’t know why. I didn’t make the Kenosha sandwich rules. LOL


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