Five Unique Bloody Marys in Milwaukee

Welcome guest contributors to, Bloody Mary experts, Shannon and TJ .   Shannon and TJ are Wisconsin born and raised, living in Milwaukee with their dog Beau. On the weekend, they are on a (hopefully) never-ending quest to find the best Bloody Mary around.   Find more of the boozy adventures on their blog:   The website features reviews and photos of dozens of Bloody Marys in and around Wisconsin.


“These are five of the most unique Bloody Marys in the area!  There are others out there who may have crazier garnishes, but we thrive to find establishments that make their own Bloody Mary mix.  Milwaukee has a never-ending sea of bars, so creating a Bloody Mary to stand out isn’t the easiest task. ”

4th Base, 5117 W. National Ave, Milwaukee,


“Fourth Base in West Allis is unique for many reasons.  One of them, as I consider, is their Bloody Mary.  Each one is made by hand, and to order.  With each Bloody Mary, they make fresh onion straws to be plopped right in the drink.  There are so many, they serve the Bloody Mary on a plate as the onion straws overflow the pint glass.  The saltiness of the fried onion goes so perfectly with the classic Bloody Mary mix.  Other garnishes included were a large pickle spear, a slice of fresh yellow squash, fresh green bean, sugar snap pea, a fresh broccoli floret, and a green olive.”

Riverwest Filling Station, 701 E. Keefe Ave, Milwaukee.


“This is the hottest Bloody Mary in Milwaukee!  The bartender warned me and I went for it anyway.  My palette craves hot foods and I seek spiciness.  I couldn’t hang with this beast though.  They marinate the vodka in ghost peppers for a month.  Not a day, not a week… one month!  This mix knocked me on my butt.  It was so hot, the bartender gave me more tomato juice to level it out after a couple of sips. “I told you so”, she joked.  Riverwest also has regular mixes too.  If hot isn’t your thing, try another one!”

Cafe Bavaria, 7700 Harwood Avenue, Wauwatosa


“The house mix is primarily the same at any Lowlands location (Benelux, Centraal, Hollander) but they do add different seasonings and garnishes to make each Bloody Mary unique.  The Wurst Bloody Mary has caraway garlic and horseradish-infused vodka to create a unique spiciness.   This Bloody Mary comes with the typical green olive and pickle plus a pickled brussel sprout, cheese curd, a slice of bacon and wurst slices.  It was a true German/Wisconsin mash-up.”

AJ Bombers, 1247 N. Water Street, Milwaukee

AJ Bombers

“The Bloody Mary at AJ Bombers can’t get better.  Between the housemade mix and the garnish, you could make it into a meal.  After ordering, they cook up a mini bacon wrapped cheeseburger patty as the garnish.  When you mix these garnishes with the super smooth, homemade mix, AJ Bombers has a winner with this Bloody Mary.  And although this Bloody Mary could be a meal, get a burger too.  They’re fantastic! ”

Transfer Pizzeria Cafe, 101 W. Mitchell Street, Milwaukee


Come for the Bloody Mary, stay for the pizza!  This super unique mix has a pizza spin on it that will perk your taste buds.  The thin tomato juice was mixed heavily with basil and parsley that created a very different taste than what you’re used to.  There wasn’t much garlic, horseradish or other typical flavorings either so it was truly in it’s own bracket.  The garnish is simple with a pickle spear, a cheese stick, feta cheese stuffed olive, a pepperoncini and a green olive.

If you know of a great Bloody Mary, shoot Shannon and TJ a message at

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