Servin’ Them Up On a Plate – Packers vs Chiefs

Before every 2015 Packers game, we’re giving you a fun recipe to share at your Packer party courtesy of our favorite SE Wisconsin home-cooking extraordinaire, Stacy Joers*.  For this week’s game – Monday, September 28th – we’re serving up SMOKED BRISKET.

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Serving Size : 12   

10 pounds beef brisket

15 cloves garlic — peeled

2 cups bbq rub — your favorite

Trim fat cap down to 1/4″ on brisket and make criss cross cuts into the fat cutting to the meat, but not into it. 

Pierce the meat in several locations and insert one peeled garlic clove into each hole. This is called larding and will infuse the meat with a rich, garlicky flavor.

Rub the meat all over with bbq rub and let stand if your fridge for several hours or up to overnight.

Prepare grill or smoker for indirect grilling. Soak 6 cups wood chips (I like hickory) in water for at least one hour or up to overnight.

Insert probe thermometer into meat and set temperature to 185.

Place meat in smoker and smoke until meat reaches an internal temp of between 185-190. This is the temp where connective tissue will liquefy and meat will become super-moist. When using a whole brisket with round and flat, wrap the flat in foil after a few hours of smoking to prevent it from drying out. How long you smoke depends on your taste. I generally smoke for the first 3 hours, then discontinue smoke for next several hours and then finish up by smoking for last few. Allow up to 12 hours to reach proper internal temp.

To serve Kansas City Style, cut off burnt ends and serve those with bbq sauce for dipping.

(photo courtesy of

Be sure to let us know what you think. GO PACK GO!


*Stacy Joers is a Caledonia resident, has her degree in Culinary Arts and teaches cooking demonstrations all over SE Wisconsin since 1992. Information about her classes is available at

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