Pad Thai- No need to drive to Milwaukee

I have never been to Thailand or Asia for that matter, and I have no idea how traditional, authentic Thai dishes taste.  What I know is that I love the Thai noodle dish Pad Thai from the first time I tried it. And I’ve ordered it on a regular basis since then.  Pad Thai contains thin noodles with peanuts, bean sprouts, eggs, and then usually a protein like chicken, beef or shrimp, usually served with a lime.   The sauce is generally not spicy and has a peanut flavor.

For this Take Three, we chose the three Racine/Kenosha suggestions from our page members.   These three restaurants may be the ONLY restaurants in Racine/Kenosha that even serve this Pad Thai.   Because of this, I expected a good plate of noodles at maybe one of the establishments, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Coming in at No. 3:

Pimmy’s Authentic Thai Cuisine, 7180 75th Street, Kenosha, Wisconsin

2016-01-03 12.44.18

Pimmy’s proclaims its authenticity in the name of the restaurant and I suspect that it may serve the most authentic Pad Thai of the bunch.  The interior was also the most comfortable and the service was prompt and friendly.

Pimmy's Interior

The pad Thai at Pimmy’s was the best deal of the three at $9.99.   The peanuts were chopped and on the side instead of spread on top.   Unlike the other two places we tried, Pimmy’s Pad Thai included tofu.   Tofu went well with the dish and probably is a traditional ingredient (can anyone confirm?).   The only complaint with Pimmy’s Pad Thai is that the chicken was slightly overcooked.

Pimmy's Pad Thai

Coming in at No. 2

Krung Thai, 515 6th Street, Racine, Wisconsin.  (No web page)

Krung Thai Exterior

Krung Thai is a newcomer to Racine and does not have a website.  (I always find this shocking as websites are quite easy to make and very inexpensive — also crucial for folks looking for a menu before trying a new place out)

The night we checked out Krung Thai, the waitress was juggling about five tables as well as packaging take-out orders — time to hire a second waitperson to help out.

Krung Thai Interior

If you are a spicy food lover, then Krung Thai’s Pad Thai ($10.95) is for you.  Without even requesting spice, the Pad Thai was quite spicy.   Putting aside the heat level, the sauce had great flavor.   The peanuts used in Krung Thai’s dish were a little different than the Planter’s peanuts you get in the jar at Pick n Save – longer and thin.   I would definitely order the dish again.

Krung Thai Pad Thai


Coming in at No. 1:

Sticky Rice, 203 6th Street, Racine, Wisconsin.  (No website, new location)

Sticky Rice Exterior

Sticky Rice recently reopened on 6th Street after moving from their old Main Street location.  I like the new location and it has more parking options than the old location.

Sticky Rice Interior

Sticky Rice’s Pad Thai was 10.95, adding $3.00  for shrimp.

Sticky Rice Pad Thai Menu

Sticky Rice is our winner for a couple reasons.  First, the chicken was cooked nicely.  Second the sauce was flavorful but yet not overly spicy.  Finally, the portion size was great and the ingredients were fresh.

Sticky Rice Pad Thai

Bottom line – I still don’t know what truly authentic Pad Thai is, but I am glad that I don’t have to drive all the way to Milwaukee to get a tasty order of the Pad Thai I know and love.


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