Anyone remember these Potato Chips?

Potato Chips have been around since turn of the 20th century.  Initially sold in eating establishments, then packaged as snack foods.  These chips were advertised and sold in SE Wisconsin from the 1950s to the 1970s.   People that ate chips in this era claim the chips tasted much different than the chips of today.  I was surprised that chips were flavored chips in the 1950s in addition to the plain.  Best flavor of potato chips: Salt and Vinegar, no question.   Best new flavor:  Hot Dog Pringles.

Blue Star potato chips

Blue Star Potato Chips.  This company was founded in Madison and moved to Rockford Illinois in the 1940s.   Blue Star potato chips were manufactured until 1977 when the company was sold to Vintner’s.

Jane Parker

Jane Parker Potato Chips.   This was a A&P store brand of potato chips.   The name Jane Parker was recently up for sale by A&P as part of a liquidation process.


Geiser’s Potato Chips – Frank and August Geiser immigrated to Milwaukee and in 1931 and set up a potato chip business in a garage on Wright and 2nd Street in Milwaukee.  The company grew and moved to Burleigh Street, eventually selling out to Borden Foods in 1983.  Source: Frank Geiser Obituary, Milwaukee Journal, March 13, 1990.

Scott's Super Tuber

Scott’s Super Tuber Potato Chips – Manufactured by Potato Products Corp. of Grand Forks, North Dakota.  Ad from Moravian Union, September 2, 1948.

Mrs. Drenk's

Mrs. Drenk’s Potato Chips – Manufactured in Milwaukee, 1523 N. 9th Street, starting in the 1920s, this brand faded out in the 1970s.

Red Dot Madison Chips

Red Dot Potato Chips.   Made by Red Dot Foods in Madison, founded in 1938 and by the early 1960s the company had become the leading snack food manufacturer in the Midwest.  In 1961, the founder, Frederick Meyer, sold to out to Frito Lay.   Three days after the sale, he shot himself.   Red Dot potato chips were last made in 1973.


Silver Buckle Potato Chips.  (no photo) Silver Buckle was the brand created by E.R. Godfrey and Sons in Milwaukee, a wholesale grocer, in the early 1900s.  In 1960, the company formed its own grocery stores, Sentry Foods.



Pringles are popular to this day but in the 1970’s the packaging actually used the word “newfangled.”   Delightful.


Chipos from what I can tell were a 1970s precursor to Munchos.  Can anyone confirm this?




8 thoughts on “Anyone remember these Potato Chips?

  1. Jill, I remember Purity potato Chips which had an outlet on Forest Home between 43 and 44th Street, Milwaukee. The following is from a Google search for Purity: Purity Treets,6033 W. Blue Mound Rd.,Milwaukee,WI.,se notes about plants,,,,,,,,plants at 908 W. Mitchell 5100 W. Blue Mound Rd. & at C. Southgate Shopping Center Hope all else is well. Is French still going on? Don

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  2. Looking for anything related to Cavett’s Potato Chips made by Cavett Food Products 1553 N. 12th St.,Milwaukee,WI….. circa 1950. Pictures, ads, containers, anything.


  3. Chipos were AWESOME. They came out slightly before Pringles and were like Pringles but tasted better. Shortly after Chipos came out, both Munchos and Pringles came on the market. Chipos was short lived and disappeared not too long after Munchos and Pringles came out, but they were on the market at the same time for a short period of time.

    I would say that Chipos came out in probably about 68 or 69 and were gone by 72. I’d kill for a box of them now.


  4. I haven’t met a potato chip I didn’t like except those salt and vinegar flavored. I drove a big rig across the USA for 9 years logging over 1M miles and tried any brand of potato chips new to me and the best I can remember is in Wisconsin. De lish us but they only sell vending machine sizes. Jays still my growing up chip but thanks to Walmart online I just filled my coffers with UTZ (east coast) and Jays. Still trying for De lish us,with hopes they expand but not looking like it. Otherwise any chip will do!


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