You’ll want to get involved in this Club

One of my absolute favorite classic sandwiches is the good ole’ club.   And let me tell you, if it isn’t cut in four pieces with tooth picks holding it together (preferably with plastic colored pom pom things on the end), I get sad.    We had two decent clubs and one very good club in this Take Three Tuesday go-round this week — on to the results.

Coming in at number three

Water Street Brewery, 7929 S. Howell Avenue, Oak Creek  — Water Street Brewery Website

Water Street Brewery Interior

Water Street Brewery in Oak Creek is a humongous restaurant with a very large menu.   Saturday night was hoppin’ with customers which is a good sign for the many new restaurants to come in Drexel Town Square.

Water Street’s Club ($10.95 including a side) was generously made with turkey breast, ham, bacon lettuce. tomato, cheddar cheese — all traditional ingredients — with one exception, chipotle mayo.

water street club

I love a new twist on an old classic, but this one didn’t work for me.   Maybe an herb mayo, or a ranch mayo — chipotle mayo just seemed out of place.    Also, they didn’t put enough mayo on the sandwich and tasted if it was toasted a while ago.   No complaints with the size, meat or other ingredients though.  If I ordered it again, I would simply substitute regular mayo – and use a heavy hand.


Our No. 2 club sandwich was in Kenosha. 

Andrea’s Gift Shop/Jack’s Cafe, 2401 60th Street, Kenosha, Wisconsin   Jack’s menu website link

I was a first timer at this little soda fountain inside a gift shop in the heart of Kenosha.   Not a lot of seating, but this place was cute as can be.   I was shocked how busy the shop and restaurant were on a Wednesday afternoon.

 Jack's Interior

We ordered Jack’s Club for $8.25 which came with chips.

Jacks club

Jack’s club was LOADED with meat, they certainly did not skimp out.   However we had two somewhat minor issues with the club.  First, they did not put mayo on the club, they served it on the side.  It was kind of a pain to spread mayo on the club yourself and spread it on the bread without messing up the sandwich.  Second, the sandwich was so loaded with meat and bottom heavy that the top part had a tendency to fall off.   Maybe the two meats should be spread evenly throughout the sandwich for ease of eating.

And our absolute favorite club sandwich was

Ivanhoe Pub and  Eatery, 231 Main Street, Racine, Wisconsin, Ivanhoe’s website

Ivanhoe exterior

Ivanhoe is a bar that serves great food, and its clear that whomever is designing the menu has made efforts to be creative and give Racine something more than typical “bar food”.

ivanhoe interior

We ordered the Turkey Club for $9.00 which came with a side – we got the fries.

ivanhoe club2

The club was very good and what put it ahead was the toasted, buttery, bread, the fresh-tasting turkey and the Swiss cheese.   I also liked the thinly-sliced onions — not typical for a club but it worked.   Next time, give us enough fries to finish that ketchup though.



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