Downtown Racine place takes the (pan)Cake

We asked our Facebook group to let us know where to get the BEST pancakes in Racine.   I personally have not noticed a big difference in the quality of pancakes from diner to diner — any restaurant that focuses on breakfast generally has decent pancakes.    After doing this Take Three Tuesday, I now am aware of a difference — one place made outstanding pancakes.

Not going to bury the lead, the best pancakes are being made by Robert’s Roost in Racine.

Robert’s Roost, 600 6th Street, Racine, WI


Robert’s Roost is a downtown, breakfast/lunch restaurant in an older building.   The interior has a “country” decor with a rooster theme –  but it is in no way tacky or outdated.  The natural lighting in the restaurant is such a welcome change over the many diners lit with florescent bulbs.


The pancake menu is simple.


Here is the thing: Robert’s Roost pancakes are HUGE in size and thickness.   I can’t imagine someone ordering two pancakes unless it was to share.


Pictured is the kid’s pancake and bacon for $3.95.   The pancake, was thick but fluffy, and pleasantly sweet.  Unlike the other two places’ pancakes,  which tasted just like pancakes do at almost any restaurant, this pancake had a different taste, in a good way.

We also went to Honey Bee’s in Racine and Marty’s Restaurant in Waterford.  Both places pancakes are fine, just fine, but not memorable.   Honeybee’s has some very unique things on the menu but the building is kind of dumpy.   The day we went the interior was humid and had a musty smell that affected our enjoyment of the food.

Honey Bees II, 4713 Douglas Avenue, Racine, Wisconsin


The pancakes at Marty’s did the job for the kids,

Marty’s Restaurant, 201 W. Main Street, Waterford, Wisconsin.


What was more interesting was their Mexican breakfast menu, by the way, horchata was available as well.